Nik Sharma | Founder of Sharma Brands

Nik Sharma

Founder, Sharma Brands

"Cody is one of the best growth operators in DTC. He's a unique thinker  and thought leader who I get a lot of ideas from, and someone I'm lucky to call a friend"

Eli weiss | director of CX & retention, Jones Road Beauty

Eli Weiss

Director of CX & Retention, Jones Road Beauty

Cody is a revolutionary brand and performance marketer. His intentionality around the customer is second to none, and he truly thinks differently. One of my favorite minds in the DTC space.

Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd with blue backgroung

Chase Dimond

Founder, Boundless Labs

"Cody has quickly risen to the top in DTC. He's someone who is always innovating, pushing boundaries, and challenging people to think differently, and bigger"