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Mentor-pass Cody Plofker


MentorPass is revolutionizing the mentorship experience. We did a deep systems analysis and identified many flaws. There are no quality standards or training, unclear incentives and guidelines, no 'skin in the game' for either party, and no good place to discover the right mentor for you. There's no wonder so few people get access to good mentors.



Your performance creative hub

Supercharge your team’s workflow to bridge the gap between media buyers and creatives.

Octane AI's

Octane AI's

The #1 Product Quiz & Zero-Party Data Platform For Shopify Brands

Octane AI is the best way for Shopify brands to combat rising advertising costs and increase revenue through personalization.

We’re on a mission to humanize the shopping experience

Leveling up the shopping experience requires human elements that customers love. We believe personalized ecommerce experiences, scaled by technology, are the future


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